Hilary Clark

Marty Lorrey

For Lowell City Council

My City Council Priorities:


I strongly support City Manager Eileen Donoghue, the hardworking men and women who work for the city and in the schools, and following the master plan (Sustainable Lowell 2025) that was authored during my first term on the City Council. With the large projects currently underway in the city - Lowell High School, Hamilton Canal Innovation District, and the Tanner Street Economic Development Plan in particular - it is more important than ever that the Council and Manager are able to work together and keep the city on track. I'm running for City Council to be part of the solution - and we won’t be successful if the Council can’t stay on course and work together to move Lowell forward.


I’ve spent a lifetime in Lowell - I was born in Back Central, we raised our family in Belvidere, and I’ve had lifelong friends from every neighborhood in this city. I also spent over thirty years as a letter carrier with the US Postal Service, walking the streets of Lowell. What all of that experience has taught me is that we need to focus on building and preserving our historic neighborhoods to keep our community healthy and strong. That’s why I focus my efforts on quality of life issues in the neighborhoods: addressing crime, creating economic opportunity, and ensuring that every neighborhood benefits from things like playgrounds, splash pads, and safe streets and sidewalks.


I believe that the most important responsibility of the city is to provide a first class public school system.Strong schools lead to successful students, stabilize home values, make us more attractive to employers, and strengthen our community, making it more likely that our children and grandchildren choose to stay in Lowell. The City Council can help by prioritizing building maintenance and repairs so that Lowell Public Schools provides a safe and vibrant learning environment for kids from every neighborhood in the city. It also means staying on track with the Lowell High School project and delivering the school that Lowell students deserve. We need to protect the project and ensure that every dollar put in by the state and by Lowell taxpayers goes towards building the best school we can - not into the pockets of special interests. No more games - let’s finish the job!